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Questions and Objections about getting Chiropractic Care

After years of treating patients and seeing amazing results some people are still hesitant to get chiropractic. The biggest objections are cost and time.

Now for those of you who are a more reasonable and a lot like me and would just like to know what you are getting yourself into in regards to time, cost and how becoming a patient works this is for you.


How much does it cost to see a chiropractor? Can I afford care?  While everyone requires a different amount of visits based on the age of their problem and there are many different insurance coverage amounts; I will give you a couple of examples:

No Insurance or Insurance with No Coverage:

50-60% of our patients fall under this category so we had to make it affordable for them to get care. Exam and X-rays; click promotion on the left and bring the coupon with you and it’s 37 dollars for the whole first days visit and it includes going over the information with you the next visit! Then how much? 42 dollars a visit for an adjustment and use of our physical therapy equipment.  We even offer household family discounts!


We do take most insurances: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Medical Mutual, Frontpath, Paramount, Buckeye, Humana, United Healthcare, Workers Comp, Auto Injury Insurance, Medicare, and many more. 

*We are currently NOT taking Paramount Advantage, but are taking all other Paramount Insurance.*

There are so many plans this is the toughest to give an estimate for: We are in-network with many insurance companies and out of network with the ones that have a negative benefit on the patient's treatment options; so if we are not in your insurance book there is probably a good reason and by staying out many times we can get more visits paid by your insurance! Some insurances have a 5 dollar co-pay for most of your visits ( I wish this was all of them!) Others have $50 dollar co-pay for the visits (yes that’s more than we charge if you didn’t have it, so I will leave it up to you if you want to use it!) The average is between a 10 and 30 dollar co-pay for between 12-36 visits.

We do take most insurances: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Medical Mutual, Frontpath, Paramount, Buckeye, Medicare, and many more.  We are currently NOT taking Paramount Advantage, but are taking all other Paramount Insurance.

Medicare Patients:

Medicare does have Chiropractic Coverage! It has great coverage, believe it or not. Your treatments will have about a 6 to 7 dollar co-pay, but if you have a secondary or supplemental plan they may even pay the co-pay!


  1. Do I have to go forever? No!
    You can leave at anytime we have no contracts! However, most patients that get great results usually decide to maintain their results with periodic visits to keep their initial issue feeling good and stop it from coming back.
  1. How long do I have to sign up for?
    In our office we offer care packages to help keep the cost of even our worst case patients affordable, but as I mentioned before there are no contracts.
  2. How long do you recommend I come?
    Obviously variable depending on each individual, but is typically between 4 weeks and 16 weeks before moving on to a maintenance schedule (if desired.)
  3. Can I come in for just a couple treatments?
    You could, but I’d rather you didn’t; for most conditions I see in the office a couple treatments would do next to nothing structurally. If you have ever heard anyone say that they were more sore when I left a chiropractor or something similar this is why. It’s like going to the gym two days in a row and never returning again; you would have the same body as you did and now be extremely sore. Lasting change takes work and time!


First visit

  1. Fill out the usual paperwork and read some information on what to expect.
  2. An exam and consultation with me (Dr. Rahman or Dr. Peisley) takes about 10-15 minutes under most cases.
  3. If X-rays are needed we use our in office Digital X-ray system (our office is one of the most or probably the most technologically advanced offices around!) I do not typically treat on the first visit because I take digital measurements of your spine before your first treatment.

Schedule an appointment to go over your findings and get an initial treatment if you choose that visit.

Second Visit

  1. Your x-rays and care plan will be discussed and what is wrong and how you can be helped will be explained .
  2. I will discuss your care plan options (how many times you get treated and how much it costs) in black and white You decide which care plan you want to do or choose not to do.

That’s it, you are either receiving chiropractic or you're not!

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